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Vic is still on the hunt for her lost love. They were both killed in a natural disaster during the days of cavemen, but she’s become reincarnated and believes he may have, too. She’s got her eye on one adventurer but she hasn’t located him yet. In the meantime, she’s improving her survival skills and training for battle. She’s also going to go visit her relatives in Australia.

This series has the flavor of the dime detective novels. They were exciting, fun to read and the characters did outrageous things. So do Vic and her friend, Lin.

The story is full of monsters, both human and animal. Some are real animals, some are fantasy. When the reception they are having in Vic and Lin’s honor is interrupted by bandits and they steal everything of value, including a map, Vic has a new quest. She’s going to go find them and recover the goods. They don’t even get away from the house without having a battle to the death.

They almost die from lack of water in the outback. The bandits sic Tasmania Devils on them. They get attacked by lizards. It’s a good thing they practice all the time or they wouldn’t be alive. Vic almost turns into a Tasmanian Devil herself when she is facing terrible odds. She can also do more with an ax than most humans could.

Hang onto your chair when you start this book. It’s a wild ride from beginning to end and you’ll find yourself turning pages faster and faster. Mr. Gill grabs your attention and then commences in his story telling. This would be fun to read around a campfire as long as you aren’t afraid of the dark. You might start hearing things…

Wendy's review Mar 31, 16
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... In a fast-paced, action-packed adventure Vic and Lin track the thieves into the wilds suffering the heat, thirst and learning to live on bush tucker until they confront the culprits in a mysterious grotto... In this captivating page-turner, Jerry Gill touches on themes like survival, intolerance, justice and the defining choices of an individual. ...The characters are colourful, complex and unforgettable; like Vic Challenger who's tactful, independent, adventurous and guarded. Skilled with an ax, she's a proficient warrior and tracker like her trusted and loyal friend Lin Li. These two personalities as well as a cast of others including the greedy, cold, heartless Geoffrey Bucknal and his gang of merciless killers fuel the story with excitement, energy and drama.

Short but thoroughly enjoyable "Vic: Fast" is a roller-coaster thrill ride that doesn't let go until the end. I look forward to reading Vic's next adventure.

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5.0 out of 5 stars I highly recommend “Fast! The Incredible Adventures of Vic Challenger Book 5”! What a great read!

By Avid Reader on February 12, 2016

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“Fast! The Incredible Adventures of Vic Challenger Book 5” by Jerry Gill is a wonderfully engaging read. I love reading pulp fiction and I was hoping that this book would be something that I would enjoy. “Fast” was just what I was looking for and I thoroughly enjoying reading this very well written and expertly crafted story.

In this book we meet Vic Challenger, the reincarnated cave girl, who travels to visit family in Australia. While in Australia Vic’s aunt is robbed and she follows the thieves to a mysterious grotto which is the subject of a legend. The legend is that the grotto is guarded by a frightening monster. This story then takes many dramatic twists and turns. I don’t want to give away too many details about the storyline because readers really need to buy this book so that they can take this thrilling adventure with Vic Challenger.

Jerry Gill has done a fantastic job of crafting a gripping storyline which really holds the reader’s attention and I felt like I was right there in Australia with Vic Challenger. The author also provides the reader with lots of details and background on the characters in this book which really helped bring each character to life in my mind. I highly recommend “Fast! The Incredible Adventures of Vic Challenger Book 5” and I’m looking forward to reading more books in the future by this very talented author

5 Stars  
Vic: Fast (The Incredible Adventures of Vic Challenger #5)

Paul's review (Goodreads) Feb 10, 16
it was amazing  
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This is the fifth story about Victoria Custer, who, using the pen name Vic Challenger, is an adventure and travel writer for her hometown newspaper. She happens to have the avatar of a 100,000-year-old cavewoman, named Nat-ul, living inside of her, which gives her the self-confidence to do things that even experienced male ….

By the time a fiction series reaches Part 5, there is bound to be some lessening, however small, in the quality of the writing. That is not the case here. The writing is still really good, with plenty of action. Any of these novels would make a really good movie.


5.0 out of 5 stars Spectacular & Fun to Read, February 8, 2016

By Kelsey W Verified Purchase

This review is from: Vic: Fast! (The Incredible Adventures of Vic Challenger Book 5) (Kindle Edition)

What an entertaining book to read! Vic Challenger is such a fun character and I was enjoyed every single moment reading about her adventures. As the protagonist of the book, Vic, is brave, sassy and GSD! (Gets Stuff Done).

This was my first time reading Gill’s books, as per recommendation from a friend, and I’m so glad I did! The novel was incredibly easy to read, and what I’d call one of my “weekend treats.” I’m definitely looking forward to picking up the other Vic Challenger books!


5 Stars  Vic: Fast (The Incredible Adventures of Vic Challenger #5) by Jerry Gill (Goodreads Author) 1525473
Mike's review Feb 08, 16

Fast is the fifth book in the Vic Challenger series. Author Jerry Gill continues to deliver fun, fast-paced and off-beat adventure in this series. Featuring all manner of strange mythical creatures, cryptids, the series blends myth, history and adventure. Victoria Custer, known to the world as adventure journalist Vic Challenger, journeys to Australia for some family bonding. What was meant to be a relaxing reunion is cut short when Vic’s Aunt is raided by robbers. Not the type to take such actions lying down, Vic takes action, following the criminals’ trail to dispense justice for her family. Along the way she discovers that this plot may be more closely connected to her goals than she imagined. See, Victoria’s life-long mission is to find the modern incarnation of Nu, the soul mate of Nat-ul, a cave girl that Vic lived as in a past life. Could these Australian bandits have some connection to Vic’s mission?


5 Stars    Vic: Fast (The Incredible Adventures of Vic Challenger #5) by Jerry Gill (Goodreads Author) 4796614 Gina's review Feb 07, 16

it was amazing

Author Jerry Gill does it again! Vic Challenger is on another grand adventure that will keep you entertained and engaged! Vic Challenger "Fast" is everything you want Vic to be; a reincarnated cave girl with the bravery and attitude to get things done! In this newly released journey, Vic is found visiting her aunt and enjoying the Australian countryside. To get things moving, Vic's aunt is the victim of a burglary, and the adventure begins. Vic takes after the assailants only to be swept into more intrigue, mystery, and mayhem. As always, Vic keeps her head and uses her instincts to stay alive!

"Vic Retained hold of her weapon and rode the dead thing to the ground, for a breathing warrior was one who never deliberately let her weapon from her hand in the company of enemies." Bravo, Jerry! A well-written 'Incredible Adventure' that will keep you on the edge of your seat and ready for the next Vic Challenger novel.