Excerpt  from Time Doesn’t Matter

Within half an hour Barney and the white hunters came to the captives.  In seconds the slavers guarding them went down, each with multiple fatal wounds.      

They were in the process of questioning the captives about Victoria when Greystoke and the Waziri arrived.   The slavers they ambushed were no more.

Terkoz returned with Greystoke and no questioning was necessary when he arrived on the scene.  He immediately began an ominous growl and charged into the jungle.   Greystoke, Barney, Curtiss and the others followed.

The remnant slavers made less than a mile before they heard the howl of Terkoz closing.  In moments  the slavers excepting the leader dodged behind trees and began to fire at their pursuers.  The leader dragged Victoria on.   

There was gunfire for five minutes or less, then the silence told the leader his men were dead.  He suddenly stopped and slammed Victoria against a tree roughly and leveled his pistol at her face, his glare filled with menace,  “Are you worth my life,” he spit the words.

“Will they allow me to go for your life?  I…” the man suddenly stopped speaking and stared at the girl.  Twice before he got the impression that the girl’s amber eyes changed to black.  Each time he dismissed it as a play of light, thinking such a thing is impossible.   Now, face to face with Victoria there was no doubt.  Her eyes were like large perfect black opals.  Those dark eyes looked back at the man with no sign of fear, unblinking and when the girl spoke his expression of menace was  replaced by apprehension.   

“You should have never come to my savage land,” Victoria spoke evenly and looked beyond him at his swiftly approaching fate.