The story line -  A columnist of adventure travel in the 1920s with a secret motive and no fear.

Victoria Custer was an admirer of the likes of Nellie Bly, Harriet Chalmers Adams and Mary Kingsley true life adventuresses.  Under the pseudonym Vic Challenger, she has the character and inquisitiveness of Nancy Drew - with a weapon.  She faces strange deadly menaces like Doc Savage - but without a team.  Like David Innes, Gordon King, Bowen Tyler and other characters of Edgar Rice Burroughs,  Vic often finds herself in exotic and dangerous locales, but never by accident or on a whim.  She has a definite purpose.

What, you might reasonably ask, would cause a woman with degrees in mathematics and astronomy to become a writer of adventure travel and go about doing things that could get her killed?

It all began

100,000 years ago when life was stupendously savage and every day was a test of both your will  and your strength.  An epic love was born.  Two cave dwellers,  Nat-ul daughter of Tha, and Nu the son of Nu, each a stupendously mighty hunter and warrior to match that time, vowed to love one another as long as the moon would rise in the night sky, which, in their primitive fashion, meant forever.  The very day following this sacred oath the warrior and warrior maiden both died in an earthquake and tsunami. Buried by the earth, swallowed up by the sea, one would think their story was ended.  Yet, since that time the wise of every generation and every culture have proclaimed that true love never dies.  There is a reason they say this.  In the early 20th century the moon still was rising in the night sky, when Nat-ul returned as Victoria Custer who vividly remembers that former primeval life.  Now, under the pen name Vic Challenger, she uses her job as a writer of adventure travel articles to comb the world in search of Nu.  The proclamation of a stone age woman should never be dismissed.  You might say it is chiseled in stone and Vic has made it plain, she is determined to find her eternal love Nu - no matter what it takes.   It looks to be a long, hard ride!

The adventure.

Globe trot with Vic Challenger and learn shocking secrets from the past, the stories never seen in main stream news and discover if a woman alone can battle evil men and hideous creatures and survive?

Enjoy the ultimate in explosive action.  Taken from the private memoirs of an adventuress travel writer in the 1920’s, you’ll learn that some of those myths you’ve heard about - they weren’t myths!

Ride, fly, run and stand shoulder to shoulder with Vic Challenger as she fights for what’s right and honorable, no matter what, while continuing the search for her eternal love from a thousand generations ago.  Face overwhelming odds and battle superior forces, go mano a mano with creatures from your nightmares and never fear! Just remind yourself of Vic’s motto: You don’t need to be brave, you just need to do what needs done.   

Take the dare!  Travel with this fierce woman warrior from the past as she searches for her soul mate and battles her way through some of the most  shocking, mind blowing adventures you have never imagined!  There is no guarantee, ever, that all will return or that anyone will come back unscathed  because death and things more gruesome than death, forever loom in the nearest shadows.  You will, though, return from every adventure feeling greater appreciation for life, with acute awareness of the strange and bizarre things that populate the far corners of our globe, and sometimes are uncomfortably closer, and with a new unwavering personal strength.

Show the courage to go with Vic and you will learn, you will feel, the answer to the question above.  Can a woman alone battle deadly evil men and repulsive soulless creatures and survive?

You betcha!