Q: Were there really great apes in South America?

A: The story told by Cristobal is true.  No physical evidence was ever produced so who knows?

Q:  Is the part about Conan Doyle true?  

A: It is indeed!  Documented. Well, not the part about meeting Donato.  Trip, ship, year, destination, identity of ship’s surgeon, all documented.  But Donato could have been there, couldn’t he?

Q: What’s a caiman?  

A:  A crocodilian.   Relative to crocs and gators.  I found a couple of references that referred to the creatures in the Amazon as gators, but more, and all reputable, said black caimans.

Q:  Is the Tis plant based on a real plant?

A: Sort of.  Crocus plants do have beautiful flowers and the stigmas are harvested by hand from one type crocus for the spice saffron.  As far as I know, none have life extending properties.  Darn!

Q:  If I want to learn more about plants, animals or places in Terror Incognita, where can I look?

A:  Click on “References” on any main page and you’ll find a list of places where information was gathered.   I think it’s fun to graze “reputable” info sites so like to give you a place to begin if you want to.