Is Vic Going to be Beaten?

It’s amazing how fast thoughts can come.  In the seconds from when Bratt backhanded her and she fell and rolled, Vic remembered first grade and the little blonde friend beside her who taught her a better way to draw a pig and how they would volunteer to clean erasers and took them outside and beat them on a rock.  That was probably the only time in her life Emma hit anything – and Bratt beat her!

 Vic was pretty normal.  She had pride.  She didn’t like the sensation of lying in the street while this animal beat her.  A crowd had gathered.  Mr. Mortimer and all his customers were outside watching.   Passersby stopped on the other side of the street to watch.  She was not in a favorable position for her pride.

 A newcomer to the crowd saw Bratt backhand Vic and knock her down.  He started toward Vic saying, “She needs help,”  but one of the guys on the bench stopped him and Vic heard him say, “Vic’s OK.  She’s ornery as her dad and proud as her mom.  She ain’t done.”

Vic is being pummeled in the streets of her home town and the next adventure trip hasn’t even started!

But you know her motto: You don’t need to be brave you just need to do what needs done.

So she does, even if it hurts!