Vic Challenger is off on her third trip with friend Lin Li.  But first….
   There are some loose end before they even leave Nebraska.  There is a dangerous domestic problem.  Then the encounter with hungry wildlife that could cost the life of Lin’s little sister.
    Then they are off and it’s great. No murderers, no monsters, no worries.  Until they meet the old woman in the jungle.  She tells them of a place where there is treasure.  There is exotic life for an incredible story.  Most important to Vic, the woman’s tribe is under rule of a madman who has personal body guards who are….unusual.  Vic wants to help them.
     Of course, the only boat for hire to take them is owned by a villainous scoundrel.  And there are the giant fish, and the tiny fish who roam in herds of thousands and can rip you apart; the caimans, the snakes, and rare great apes with the strength of a dozen men.  Don’t forget the Indians who collect and shrink heads to sell to tourists.  Non-native heads are worth a lot.
    So what begins as an exciting, but safe, vacation, may turn out to be the most dangerous trip to date.