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Non English Words you will find in Vic: Never Give Up

Scottish Words

Bairn  child

bampot  an idiot, a fool,

blether  to chat

Caitiff  Old English used by Scots, despicable person as a noun or despicable as an adjective

Manky - filthy, disgusting
           Boggin filthy, disgusting  This wasn’t used.  It was second choice.  I liked the sound of Manky better.

Mirk  darkness

:Mither  mother

Nae no:

Peever   the game of hopscotc

Quine  could use lassie, too.  Young woman, girl.

Skirlie Also skirly. A dish of oatmeal mixed with chopped onions and fried in suet or fat in a pan (Mry. 1911; ne.Sc. 1951  http://www.dsl.ac.uk/



Navajo Words  - Names of people  Vic and Lin meet

Atsa  eagle

Dine’   Navajo

Gaagii   raven

Hok'ee  high backed wolf

Niyol    wind

Mosi  cat

Yanaha  brave