The hammer was an anti-armor weapon.  It was made to break bones through armor and was also useful for splintering the haft of the opponent’s weapon.  Vic knew she must quickly do something besides defend.  Defense was the path to defeat and death.
Vic tried to reposition herself between each blow but Mairi was fast as well as strong and only after several blows was Vic in position to kick Mairi in a knee and then again and again,  too fast for her adversary to avoid or do anything but defend and retreat.  Mairi finally stepped back enough as she raised the hammer for another strike and Vic rolled to the side and made it to one knee before she had to defend against the blow.  
Mairi then changed her attack.  She swung from the side from Vic’s right and Vic jumped back along the edge of the cliff to avoid the lethal blow.  Then Mairi reversed and swung back.  Vic stepped back but Mairi did not reverse again.  Expertly, as deft and deadly as any medieval knight, she began to swivel the war hammer in a figure eight over her head using both hands, with such force that Vic both heard and felt the swoosh of the air pushed by the wicked weapon as it passed.  As she backed Vic’s foot collided with something and force her to stop and attempt to block the next pass of Mairi’s hammer.  But the hammer caught the ax head so soundly that the weapon was ripped from Vic’s hands and flew toward the woods.  Vic saw the woman’s hammer coming back around. She had no idea what lay over the cliffs edge but certain death was approaching at lightning speed.  At the last split second, Vic twisted and leaped headlong over the cliff!