Q: Is there really a cave in Arizona like the one Vic and Lin visit?   
A: I’ve never been there and you sure don’t hear a lot about it, but there really was a 1909 article about it, the one that caught their interest.  I made up “cave that eats men,”  but who knows?  If it exists but isn’t public, there’s a reason.

Q: Did it really take that long to get places?  
A:  Yes.  No interstate highways.  No passenger planes.  Trains stopped a lot.  4-5 days to get from San Francisco to New York depending on the train your took.  The mail routes are real, Vic and Lin went exactly the route the planes took back then and their arrival time at Hazelhurst field was real.

Q: Is Lin going to stop adventuring and run a drug store?
A: Only Lin knows.  I’ll ask her.

Q: How much of the London sight-seeing is real?  
A: All of it.  Madame Tusauds, Rules Restaurant (what they eat is on contemporary menu), cabman’s shelters, London Zoo, St Paul’s Cathedral.  There is a Baker Street but Lin was right, no 221 B address.

Q:  Is that real science Vic is talking about the moon when they are at the hotel?
A:  Absolutely.  Real and getting deep.  I was so glad that Lin stopped Vic.  It was beginning to give me brain freeze.