Mongol phrases and words used in Mongol

Aav  Father
Argol  camel dung used to make a fire    87
Bat   Strong
Bayarlalaa   Thank you

Bayarmaa   Joyful mother
Bayartai   goodbye
Burilgi  destroyer
Choo choo  giddyup
Chuluun  stone
Egch   older sister
Gazar  Mongolian word for ‘place’.  Only fictional town in Mongol.  Other towns are all real but you won’t find most of them on a modern map because they have been given new names since 1920   90.
Ger   also known as yurt, traditional Mongol nomad home   lots of places

kheezh  mother

Khorkhog   Mongolian dish of        86
Khuushuur  Mongolian dumpling     86
Mönkh-Erdene   female  eternal jewel   Common Nickname   Monkkaa
Mönkhtsetseg   female    eternal flower     Common nickname Segree     

Narantsetseg   female   Sunflower    Common nickname  Narakaa
Odoo  now
Oles  old Mongolian term for half breeds, persons of mixed race  75
tsai   tea   78
Unegen   fox
yanztai  nice


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