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Mongol, the second novel in Vic: Double Trouble paperback.

The second book is at least as good as the first in the Vic Challenger series. The heroine is a travel writer during the 1920s who gets into one death defying adventure after another throughout her travels and is able to defend herself using a variety of weapons including firearms, knives, martial arts, and her own primitive weapons chipped from stone.

In this story her travel companion is Lin Li, who she has known since high school. The pair travel to Asia from Nebraska by-way-of Hawaii. They solve a murder along the way, once in Asia they must defend themselves against monstrous creatures, beings from a different plane of existence, and the army of a local war lord.

As with the first book in the series, it is a very good homage to the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Yet, is more of a modern reboot of that work for contemporary readers by portraying strong, self-actuating women who can take care of themselves, for young readers.

An interesting and positive difference between the books in this series and the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs is the focus upon Vic Challenger's role as friend, daughter, sister, and contributing member of society (member of a social web) as opposed to the heroes of Edgar Rice Burroughs who mostly acted alone or with a loyal familiar, (always remarkable but still inferior to the hero) typically seeking to retrieve a kidnapped love interest or some personal goal for survival. In the Vic Challenger stories, as remarkable as she is, her companions are shown to be her equal and to sometimes have skills she does not have. She works with many alleys for social good rather than just her own benefit. And she is shown to participate in church, social and family functions when at home in Nebraska. These are not activities enacted or valued by the heroes in Burroughs' books.

I have recommended the Vic Challenger books to my wife and to all of my children but have especially recommended them to each of my three daughters, ranging in ages from 16 through 28.

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Vic: Mongol
Jerry Gill (Goodreads Author)

K.S. Puckett's review

Jun 07, 14

4 of 5 stars bookshelves: action-adventure, fantasy

Read in June, 2014

Oooh, yesss! Ever since I got hooked on Xena tv show back in the mid 1990s, I've been a sucker for action/adventure, especially when they involve kick-ass women at the forefront. That combination is always a big hit with me, so when I delved into this book and discovered the fantastical goodness, I was very excited.

I admit that I didn't expect to really be interested in the main character at first, given the initial description of Vic. I'm used to my favorite action heroines being a bit more rough around the edges. But I kind of liked that there didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary or extraordinary about her on the outside, it was really all on the inside. In a way, it makes what she and Lin Li do plenty fascinating in its own way.

I LOVED the story of Nu and Nat-ul at the beginning. I can imagine that story being told around a campfire or a tribal hut today, and I think that shows a real gift for some vivid storytelling. The discovery of Nat-ul's spirit, as it were, still existing in modern day 1920s was certainly a surprise...can't say more, or I'll spoil it and I hate doing that.

I do wish some of the side stories had been cut down, though, as I thought it distracted from the main journey at times. But I do look forward to seeing more from this universe in the future.

5.0 out of 5 stars Jaw dropping, nail biting, incredible and superb! May 21, 2014

By Sandra Hould

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I loved book one, and I found book 2 even better! I could not put it down and when I had to it was pure torture until I was able to just pick it up again and continue on this extraordinary story. Vic is my favorite adventuress and I absolutely love to read Jerry Gill's books. I can't wait for book 3 that will come soon and I know that for sure I will buy it, read it and love it all over again.

Jerry Gill has a great writing style that is very similar to Edgar Rice Burroughs, which makes his books la crème de la crème for me. I strongly recommend his books to all ERB fans as they are just as good and full with adventure, dreams and fantasy that make us forget that life exists outside his books.

By Shirley Priscilla Johnson  Amazon TOP 1000 REVIEWER VINE VOICE on March 25, 2014   Format: Paperback   5 stars
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In the beginning of this book we read the story of two cave dwellers from a long time ago. Nu, and his love, Nat-ul. We are shown their love for each other and the tragic end of their lives. It appears that the character in our book, Vic has had dreams of Nu and feels she perhaps maybe the reincarnation of Nat-ul. Because of this she travels hoping to find a clue that perhaps Nu is somewhere in the world today and they can be together again. So the adventures begin.

We travel with Vic and her friends, Lin Li and Chu, in Mongolia. Vic likes to travel where she feels perhaps Nu may also be, or perhaps she can find a hint that he was there at sometime. In this adventure they help to catch a killer who is traveling with them on a ship, battle giant worms that live in sand and are attacked by pirates. They are also shown by Chu a buried city that is full of treasure, but also full of some not so friendly people living there. What an adventurous trip they have.

I have to admit it took me a little bit to get into this read but once I did I found myself really enjoying it. I had to see just what adventure the group would find themselves in next, and if they would all live through what was happening around them. I really liked the characters. I also was hoping that Nu would somehow find the love of her life, Nat-ul. The book held my interest, was quite entertaining and enjoyable. Great character and location development that took you along with the characters and what they were experiencing. I hope true love brings Nu and Nat-ul together again. Recommended.


From Scandalous Woman

My life doesn’t allow too much time for book-reading anymore, unfortunately. That’s why one has to really hit multiple themes I enjoy for me to pick it up. Vic: Mongol scores in that respect. It’s quite the page turner. If I were to imagine it on the big screen, I’d see a sweeping action-adventure yarn a la Indiana Jones but with a strong woman in the lead. The main character, Vic Custer, is an Angelina Jolie-type and is completely out of place in the 1920s. Against the backdrop of women’s suffrage and looming prohibition, she breaks from female norms at a time when women were, essentially, second class citizens.

Combining fantasy, adventure and a touch of spirituality, the story finds our heroine on a mysterious and dangerous journey to Mongolia in search of, among other things, the reincarnate of her one true love. Whether you’re a believer of reincarnation or not, you’ll definitely identify with her sense of yearning and the wanderlust that sends her on some incredibly detailed adventures in a dangerous locale.

Adventures in exotic lands aren’t anything new. They’ve been the staple of movies, pulp novels and comic books for over 100 years. But combining that with a strong female character, and the unique challenges such a protagonist faces during the era this book is set it, makes for some pretty groundbreaking stuff. Think Jane being every bit as fearless as Tarzan.


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Thrilling Adventure!, February 1, 2014

By Beth    5 Stars

This review is from: Vic: Mongol (Volume 2) (Paperback)

I recently read the first book in the series "Vic: Time Doesn't Matter" and quite enjoyed it so when I saw that a sequel had been released I simply had to read it as well!

First, I must mention that I just love that Victoria's pen name is Vic Challenger, as named after Professor Challenger of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's series of books. Having read all three books and seen the film adaptation where the Professor is played by John Rhys-Davies I could totally see Vic as his daughter so the choice was particularly fun.

I really enjoyed visiting with Vic again and the new character, Lin Li, was a pleasant addition, although I did miss Barney a bit. Both women were strong and adventurous - a relative rarity in the 1920s. Their adventures in Mongolia had the feel of Annie Oakley in the Wild West - riding and shooting and enjoying every moment of it.

During their adventures the women battled creatures and humans, found a lost city full of treasure, and strengthened their friendship into an unbreakable bond.

The skillful mix of history, action, and adventure, with a bit of science fiction makes for a potent cocktail that has you flipping the pages as fast as you can read them and staying up way past your bedtime to read "just one more chapter".

I highly recommend this wonderful book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Vic's latest adventures and am eagerly awaiting the release of the next installment in the series.


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Highly recommended page turner, January 26, 2014
A Goddess of Literature

Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from: Vic: Mongol (Kindle Edition)

Vic Challenger is back for another exciting adventure. Set in the 1920's, a time when women were expected to only yearn for marriage and babies, Victoria Custer breaks the mold and sets her own standards. A courageous sharp shot who is just at home hunting a wolf and skinning it herself as she is playing with her guide's cute little twin girls.

Granted Victoria is still searching through time for Nu the son of Nu, the soul mate from her past life, author Jerry Gill gives us so much more than your run of the mill romance.

This time Vic is headed for the far east, and finds murder and intrigue before she even leaves the states. That small mystery was just to warm her up for the dangers she will find in Mongolia. White Russians, revolutionizing mercenaries, and creatures that had only been considered urban legend since no one had ever survived an encounter with them to relay information about their existence are only a few of the perils that Vic and her traveling companion Lin Li will face.

This book is an incredibly fast paced page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat right up until you read the last page. I definitely recommend it


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Superbly well-written February 1, 2014  5 Stars
Jane Lavuire

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

The author definitely knows how to keep the reader hooked in and I think that the writing is vivid enough in that it expresses the story clearly while at the same time not being too over the top to the point that it bogs down the story with unnecessary detail. Overall, I am a big fan of Vic: Mongol and I admire the author for trying a new approach and also for making the protagonist a strong female character; Victoria is different than most but I think her uniqueness is what initially had me intrigued about this book.

The book is suspenseful and mysterious at the right times; certain parts are left up to the imagination to the reader and I think this is an important element to be mentioned - there were some parts where I couldn't stop reading, as I simply had to know what was going to happen next and it's a big part of why I enjoyed the read so much. On the other hand, the writing style is visually rich when the scenes require, giving more emphasis leading up to the more dramatic parts with the twists and turns, and the character conversations and narration is eloquent and structured superbly. I think this blend proves that the author has put a lot of time into this book and the fact that it's clearly based upon pure, raw writing talent  

Review on Amazon  5stars
by R. Coker   A Top Amazon Reviewer  
January 25, 2014
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This review is from: Vic: Mongol (Kindle Edition)

"Vic: Mongol" is the type of novel that quickly sweeps you up in fast-paced action, an engaging storyline, strong dialogue and memorable characters that when put together form a truly entertaining read. Jerry Gill has a talent for writing that shines through the story, weaving a thrilling tale with vivid imagery, vibrant characters and an eye for detail that bring the plot to life.

The story centers around Vic, a woman with a strong sense of purpose and drive who takes her friend Lin Li on a fantastical adventure to the heart of Mongolia and beyond. Weaving a mixture of genres together from action/adventure to fantasy and gripping drama, this story explores the untamed wilds of Mongolia and the dangers that can be found when one has a life filled with mystery and secrets like Vic Challenger. Using exotic locales as a backdrop, this novel really sets a amazingly adventurous tone that sucks you in and doesn't let go until the very end. Vic is a character that feels incredibly authentic and timeless as well; she's strong, fearless, determined and wonderfully flawed nonetheless. She makes you care about her and her journey, piquing the reader's interest in her slowly unfolding life story as well.

The novel is very entertaining and has a classic-in-the-making feel to it that made this a truly enjoyable read. The author certainly made me a fan of the series and has me eager to read more about Vic's thrilling adventures.

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Exciting, and will keep the reader's interest
Paul Lappen VINE VOICE on January 26, 2014

Format: Paperback

This is another novel about Victoria Custer, your average citizen of the early 20th century who really is not so average.

On the outside, Victoria, who now calls herself Vic Challenger, likes to wear pink and has a big interest in cloches (women's hats). On the inside, she has an avatar that is a part of her. It's name is Nat-ul, a female cave dweller who lived about 100,000 years ago. Because of her presence, Vic has acquired a desire, or a wish, to go to places that even the most experienced male adventurers would hesitate to visit. She is searching for the modern incarnation of Nu, her lover from all those centuries ago.

In this book, Vic, and her friend, Lin Li, travel to Mongolia. On the boat ride across the Pacific, they assist in a murder investigation. Upon reaching China, they meet up with Chu, whose family lives in an isolated bit of Mongolia. These are tough times for Mongolia, with the Chinese on one side and the Russians on the other, and criminals from either side ready to attack at any time.

The trio narrowly escape being eaten by giant worms that live under the sand. If the mouths full of sharp teeth (like a lamprey) don't get you, then the liquid they spew, that can dissolve flesh and bone in seconds, will. Later, they come under attack by a band of Russian pirates. They get some unexpected help from more of the giant worms. Chu shows them the entrance to a buried city that really is full of treasure. Almost too late, they learn that the city is not deserted. Does Vic find the modern incarnation of Nu, her lover?

This is a very good page-turner. It's exciting, and it will really keep the reader's interest. It has just enough weird stuff in it, and it shows the power of real love between two people.

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5.0 out of 5 stars
A fast-paced, page turning adventure! February 2, 2014

By Catherine M. Edwards

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

In "Vic: Mongol" author Jerry Gill has done an utterly fantastic job bringing the action-packed world of Victoria Custer to life.

Victoria Custer is a likeable heroine who, as her alter ego Vic Challenger, travels the world in a series of adventures - exciting and often dangerous adventures - as she seeks the long-lost love from a previous life.

The storyline is unique and very entertaining and the painstaking detail of author Jerry Gill brings the story to believable life. No detail is spared, and the reader will have absolutely no problem visualizing the author's intent anywhere in this book.

I will definitely be checking out the author's other writings!

5.0 out of 5 stars A timeless adventure through danger February 20, 2015

By K. Smith  Format:Kindle Edition

Jerry Gill has done it again! Vic: Mongol, the second book in this awesome series, does not disappoint. Victoria Custer aka Vic is now a 1920s travel writer. This adventurous young woman is bound for Mongolia with her high school buddy, Lin Li in tow. They confront murder and face danger at every turn. If you love to read about strong heroines who fight to the death, this is the book for you.

Gill’s first novel in The Incredible Adventures of Vic Challenger series, Vic: Time Doesn’t Matter was taken from The Eternal Savage and Lover Primeval by Edgar Rice Burroughs of Tarzan fame. Gill continues his homage to Burroughs with Vic: Mongol. Readers are again treated to the love story of Vic’s 100,000-year-old former self (Nat-ul) and Nu. Her search for her eternal love is what drives her through perilous obstacles to find him. She is guided along the way by the avatar of Nat-ul. Vic’s embedded, cave-dwelling old spirit comes through as she wields any weapon within reach.

You will find yourself cheering for Vic and Lin as they brave the Far East. The author puts you right in the middle of China as he brings the area to life with spectacular text and imagery. The violence is plentiful, but the language is tame. This is a thrilling ride for teens and adults to embark upon

5.0 out of 5 stars Viva Victoria, February 19, 2015

By Pilot Robert (Albuquerque, NM, US) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Vic: Mongol (Kindle Edition)

The second Victoria Custer novel is faced paced and well plotted. Victoria, Nat-Ul of the Niocene, travels to Mongolia as a travel writer. She is soon swept up in a series of perils and adventures that would cower the bravest of men. Caught up in wars of conquest, dealing with betrayal and the vilest of evil, Victoria and her friend, Lin LI, do not have the option of letting a man or group of men come to save them. Help isn't coming so these two ladies have to help themselves.

The classic adventure novel is exciting. You will fear for Victoria and Lin Li and cheer for their victories.

Victoria is now writing under the name Vic Challenger. A worthy nom de plume for one of the strongest female protagonists in print today.

5.0 out of 5 stars Vic: Mongol, February 19, 2015

By arky - See all my reviews

Verified Purchase(What's this?)

This review is from: Vic: Mongol (Kindle Edition)

Jerry Gill has done an amazing job of putting an adventurous story together that is full of action, suspense and new beginnings. I loved the writing style and it pulled me in from the very beginning.

Vic is the main character in this story and she takes her friend, Lin Li on an amazing adventure to Magnolia. The journey is magnificent and they see things that they have never seen before. Vic has many secrets and this leads to a dangerous life. The way that the story unravels is fantastic and I kept reading to see what would happen next. Vic was a fascinating character to me as she was strong, tough and lived on the edge.

I truly admired the storyline, characters and the book as a whole. I would recommend this one to my friends as it was very good and a real page-turner!


5.0 out of 5 stars Another great Vic adventure!

By TFL Reader TOP 500 REVIEWER on October 2, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I love adventure series that have a continuing lead character - someone that I can get invested in and follow as they continue to develop and grow. If it's a strong female lead, all the better. I also adore historical fiction and was delighted to get to know Vic and learn so much in the first book, "Time Doesn't Matter". There is much more going on here than just a lady-like Indiana Jones. Vic has an avatar, called Nat-ul, that she can call on that is 10,000 years old and that is quite powerful.

This latest book, "Mongol", is also set in the early 1900's and has Vic teaming up with Lin for a trip to Mongolia. The two are to pose as travel writers while they search for Nu son of Nu. After a delightful mystery on the ship to China, they enter Mongolia and this is one untamed country. The two barely escape death at the hands (or spit) of giant worms and a band of Russian pirates. They find an ancient city with some buried treasure and ,of course, more danger.

I absolutely love stories like this and, if you like Clive Cussler or James Rollins, these are definitely the books for you. This story was filled with both non-stop adventure and some very likable characters. The fact that Vic is on the quest to find the reincarnation of her true love is pretty endearing and, of course, makes me want to keep reading to find out what happens next. A great series and I can't wait for the next installment.


5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Adventure!

By Fox on May 15, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I grew up watching Indiana Jones films and reading Sherlock Holmes with my father, and Vic Challenger is a wonderful blend of both. Her exploration and investigative spirit is intoxicating! The book hits the ground running and is one of those titles I could NOT put down once I started reading it. Plus, I appreciated the historical and cultural attention to detail. The author goes out of his way to thank individuals from libraries who helped him conduct what must have been extensive research and the quality of the effort put into this book shows! If you want a thrilling historical adventure featuring a lady Indiana Jones, start the Vic Challenger series!