What’s it all about?

The cave girl and her eternal love died tragically in an earthquake and tsunami.  Buried by earth, swallowed by the sea.   Sounds like the ending to a story.  But it was just the beginning.

The cave girl is back, remembers everything, works as a travel writer, and she wants her love back!  It’s 1920, the world has a lot of untamed corners, and Vic Challenger intends to visit as many as needed, looking for her lost love.  Vic generally is sweet and feminine but she got her training a thousand generations ago when life was so stupendously savage that the modern mind cannot comprehend.  When the situation requires ferocity, she has no equal.  Her inner avatar, the cave-girl she once was, takes over, sometimes to the point Vic’s clear amber eyes revert to black opals.  

Witness the strength and fearlessness that were Vic 1000 generations ago. Then follow Vic from her discovery of that past life to battle slavers in Africa, wow the greatest hunter in Africa with her prowess, fight war criminals in the Yucatan,  go mano a mano with a jungle predator and battle a hideous Indian myth that isn’t a myth.

All the while, Vic will have an eye out for her lost love.  Her belief - if she is back he must be, also; and if she has a love of wild and desolate locations, he may have the same affinity.  So her search for her eternal love takes her to the most inhospitable places she can find.  

This is just the beginning.