Favorite Excerpt (Burroughs)

I love all of Burroughs writing but my favorite parts of Burroughs writing in this novel are a few brief sentences, all near the end.  To me they say it all.  They begin to paint the picture of Vic, to show her mettle and lay the foundation for the character that I build upon.  While the word ‘love’ is not used in these excerpts, to me they scream out that love didn’t die, and it’s not about to die. The story of Vic just could not end there!  (Jerry Gill)

Near the end

"What's the idea, Vic," asked the man, "I thought you were through with all this."
 "I am, Barney," she replied, "or will be after today, but I just couldn't go away without satisfying my curiosity. I want to know that there is no cave here in which a man might be buried."
 She dismounted and started to climb the rugged escarpment. Barney was amazed at the agility and strength of the slender girl. It kept him puffing to remain near her in her rapid ascent.

A little later

She shook her head.
 "Not until I have searched that cave," she said, almost defiantly, and Barney knew that she would have her way.

And at the end

"Look!" whispered the girl, pointing to something that lay just beyond the skeleton.

Barney raised the match he held until its feeble flame carried to that other object--the grinning skull of a great cat, its upper jaw armed with two mighty, eighteen-inch, curved fangs.

"Oo, the killer of men and of mammals," whispered Victoria Custer, in an awed voice, "and Nu, the son of Nu, who killed him for his Nat-ul--for me!"