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Vic: Mongol, 2nd #novel in the Vic Challenger #adventure series Vic: Never Give Up, 3rd #novel in Vic Challenger #action #adventure series

Want to delve deeper into the 1920’s?  The science in Vic novels?  Check out the “References”.  Quite a bit of effort goes into getting historical facts correct and to insure that, other than the sci-fi element in each book, the things Vic does are ‘possible’ (though seldom easy).   References are lists of the sources used.  Check them out for accuracy.  Use them as a starting point for more..  Every time I look up one bit of info for a novel I find other tidbits that amaze me and some get listed for future  use.  It’s fun!
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This is just story telling.  You, me, the coffee shop.  “Did you hear what happened to Vic on her last trip?  I heard…”

  In the search for her eternal love, the re-incarnated cave girl visits family in Australia and when her aunt is robbed Vic pursues the bad guys to a mysterious grotto where legend says a horrible monster guards a family treasure – and  finds herself  confronted by other equally virulent  threats along the way!

All the things you expect from a Vic Challenger novel - bad guys, cryptids, nature, just a touch of social issue, a bit of 1920’s nostalgia, and Vic continues her search for her lost love.  She is with Lin Li in Australia, visiting family on her mothers side.  It’s a swell vacation, then whamo!  The best laid plans of travel writers and their friends often go kaboom!  Time after time, Vic and Lin find the relevance to the saying, ‘It’s easy to get dead when you’re slow.’ Savage, unpredictable action!  Guaranteed!

A merciless, agonizing memory can sometimes break a person and render them incapable of facing even the commonplace without being unnerved.

Sometimes it endows a person with near super human ability to take action in even the most savage of circumstances.

Vic’s memory from a hundred millennia past has
emboldened her with the daring and determination to embark on an epic quest that may last a lifetime or on any day could bring her life to a brutal end. Yet she is prepared to challenge any peril and venture into any danger. She swore her love as long as the moon rises in the night sky - and she meant it!

Learn more about Vic Challenger.  Interview of her biographer by Dr Art Sippo  3/20/2016.  Under STUFF on Resource Hub. Or click here.   

While big game hunting in Africa, Victoria discovers her powerful and savage alter ego and remembers her soul mate from 1000 generations past.  Refusing to accept that true love dies she begins the search for her lost love, and finds the modern world may hold as many dangers as her stone age life!

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Meet Vic Challenger

In a violent vision, a 1920’s farm girl discovers she is a reincarnated cave girl, and rallies the savage instincts of that former life with her modern education to embark on an international search where she must battle brutal men and ferocious beasts to find the love she lost 1000 generations ago!

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The re-incarnated cave girl continues the search for her lost love along the 50,000 savage miles of waterways in the brutal jungles of the Amazon where she discovers what she thought was fiction is real, loses friends, and must survive greedy men, prehistoric beasts, and a maniac from her dim past to make it back to civilization!

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 The reincarnated cave girl learns again and again how harsh life can  be as she must race the clock and save kidnapped children to begin her trip, and then a centuries old evil and a sea serpent join forces to devour an entire village and end Vic’s search for her lost love!


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Continuing the search for the love she lost in the stone age, Vic travels to Outer Mongolia and must unleash the savage personality of her previous primitive life to save herself and others from evil men and mythical monsters!

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